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Mosquitoes can make any outing miserable. The buzzing, biting and ensuing itching are irritating. There is more misery that these insects can cause because the vector diseases to most mammals. This Deet-free, essential oil-based spray repellent gives you all the protection you need without the nasty smell, stickiness and harmful ingredients of those toxic bug sprays. In fact, the lemongrass in Bug Protector gives this spray an almost perfume-like smell that will appeal to everyone. We are proud of the quality and confident of the effectiveness of this American made product, but here are some additional points to keep in mind while you plant your mosquito avoidance strategy:

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide in large concentrations. This means that people who emit more carbon dioxide than others are more likely to bitten. This would include pregnant women, adults as opposed to children and people who have been exercising. You may not be able to change some of these qualifiers, but at least you now know why you get bitten more frequently than others.
  • Heat, moisture and strong odors (such as perspiration) are very attractive to mosquitoes. Perhaps this is another reason to avoid exercise?
  • Wearing dark clothing allows the mosquitoes to get a better visual bead on you. Lightening up your wardrobe may be an easy step to fewer bites.
  • Mosquitoes do not like direct, bright sunlight; they prefer cloudy days, shady areas or nights – and on full moon nights their active greatly increases. If you want to decrease your chances of running into mosquitoes, plan your activities accordingly.

When used as directed, Bug Protector will not harm your pet. In fact, it has been formulated so that you can apply the spray directly to your pet’s fur for direct protection. Simply spray and rub into the fur before the animal goes outside.

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