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Protect you and your animals for 7 days from harmful mosquitoes. Instant relief within 15 minutes and lasts 7 days – great for weekend trips or horse shows! This safe and simple mosquito control is non-toxic and deet free. Environmentally friendly formula draws mosquitoes towards the pouch and away from your area. Bradshaws Mosquito No Bite pouch emits a vapor that confounds the receptors that desire protein, so the mosquitoes then feed on nectar instead of people and pets. Ideal for barns, outside areas, picnics and more! Made with Thyme, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Citronella oil for natural protection.

Product Details:

    • Non-toxic, Deet Free
    • 7 days of protection
    • Works quickly – 15 minutes to activate
    • Safe and simple
    • Draws mosquitoes away
    • Ideal for outdoor spaces


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