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  • Pieris japonica, the Japanese andromeda or Japanese pieris, is a plant in the family Ericaceae. It is native to eastern China, Taiwan, and Japan where it grows in mountain thickets. It is also widely cultivated in gardens, and parent to the cultivated hybrid Pieris ‘Forest Flame’. Pieris japonica is a shrub or a small tree (1–4 metres or 3.3–13.1 feet tall, occasionally up to 10 metres) with alternate, simple leaves on brittle stems. The flowers are white and borne in early spring. The plant is poisonous if consumed by people or animals. The name “andromeda” originated from an earlier genus name for the plant. The flower blooms in February or March and lasts usually for two or three weeks.
  • Available in 3 gal and 7 gal

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'Compacta', 3gal, 'Compacta', 7gal, 'Katsura', 3gal, 'Mountain Fire', 3gal


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